Application uses

  • Node.JS for thin Web API
  • SPA app with JavaScript
  • Cross platform mobile app with Xamarin, React Native, NativeScript for business oriented app
  • Azure cloud and SaaS for minimizing management effort and maintainance cost

How we help?

  • We guide customer to stand on giant titans of IT shoulders (Facebook, Microsoft, Google, Github, ...)
  • We eliminate wasted, we encourage lean process.
  • We build tool to automate tasks.
  • We help customer avoid doing what they do not have to do (Security, scaling, maintainance, monitoring, ...) to have more time to focus on their business


  • We are professional in our IT industry
  • Customer hires us to do IT tasks with high quality. Customer only need to focus on their business.
  • We solve the problem customer does not know, even in the way customer does not understand
  • We provide good hint, and ask good question to help customer discover themselves.

Run & Deploy

  • We help customer deploy the solution, and act like an in-house analysys
  • We have no benefit of standing this side or that side within customer's company.
  • We give advise as the fact it is, without thinking about our benefit. We just do give the output, base on what we have as input
  • The more information we have from customer, the better input we gather. We assure to keep the story in blackhole of secret